Fairness, Independence, Impartiality

Fairness, Independence, Impartiality



Alex Stewart Inspection (China) Ltd. (hereafter called ASI China) is the official member of Alex Stewart International Corporation (hereafter called ASIC) in China, providing a fully integrated professional service of the inspection and assay of majority of minerals, metals and related materials. The company also offers services in agriculture and environmental industries, along with general commodities such as chemicals and fertilizer. In addition, technical consultation services are also provided to assist clients on methods concerning material handling, warehousing, transit safety assurance, material production supervision etc.





ASI China provides its comprehensive & professional services covering the following materials:

  • - Non-ferrous ores, concentrates (Cu/Pb/Ni/Zn ore & concentrate, Au/Ag ore & concentrate etc.)
  • - Non-ferrous metal & alloy (Cu/Ni/Al cathods, Cu blister, Ni matte etc.)
  • - Ferrous ores, concentrates (Iron Ore, Chrome ore, Maganese ores etc.)
  • - Precious metal (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium ingots or bars)
  • - Minor metals and intermediates (Co/Ta/Nb/Mo/V/Ti/Ga/Ge ores etc.)
  • - Intermediate products of minerals (Crude Co/Ni Hydroxide etc)
  • - Ferro alloys (FeCr, FeMn, FeSi, FeNi, FeW etc.)
  • - Coal and Coke
  • - Nonmetallic minerals (Fluorite, Refractory material, Metallic silicon, Silicon carbide etc.)
  • - Recycled Metal Scraps and Residues
  • - Rare Earths
  • - Agricultural Products  & Fertilizers
  • - Oil and chemicals

ASI China provides its comprehensive & professional services covering the following items:

  • - Draft survey / weighing by volume / scale weighing
  • - Commodity sampling/sample preparation & size/moisture determination
  • - Supervision of weighing, tallying, loading/discharging during commodity transit
  • - Supervision of commodity blending, sizing, refinery & manufacturing etc.
  • - Risk management of collateral commodity in warehouse, warehouse auditing, goods tallying
  • - Supervision of weighing equipment calibration
  • - On/off hire inspection
  • - Supervision of cleanness & caulking of transportation such as trucks & wagons
  • - Visual inspection, radioactivity test
  • - Chemical and physical assay services in ASI worldwide labs (classical wet methods, instrumental methods, high-tech analysis)